Bathroom Leaks: 4 Signs to Pay Much Attention To

A water leak in the bathroom can be quite distressing. If left unfixed, bathroom water leaks can cause discomforts to people who go to work or school early in the morning, or even when you have a guest to host. The reason most bathroom leaks aggravate is because homeowners at times ignore the early leak signs. Many homeowners use subtle signs to determine whether they would need to hire a competent plumber Rochedale South has today or not. Below are 4 signs of bathroom leaks.

Damaged wallpaper or paint

One will easily notice a wall with blistering wallpaper or paint if the bathroom is leaking. One should not think that the steam from a hot shower can easily cause loose wallpaper or paint. The presence of moisture and water between the paint and wall is dangerous. It can weaken the bond and eventually separate the wall and paint. If you notice the adhesive that sticks the wallpaper on the wall is weaker, you should call in a qualified Rochedale South plumber to fix the issue.

Presence of mold and mildew

Absence of mold and mildew growth in your bathroom does not depend on how often you clean or aerate it. As long as there are leaks somewhere in the bathroom, mold and mildew will always grow. Mold grows better in dark places such as under the flooring or in hidden pipes. When you see mold growing in bathroom corners and non-shower walls, you should check for leaks. Mold and mildew will grow quickly and extensively if you take too long to identify the leaking bathroom pipes.

Damaged flooring

The water you use to clean clothes and bathe may not be the main cause of a damaged bathroom floor. However, leaks are the main culprit of a damaged floor. Rarely can a bathroom floor crack, stain or even buckle for no good reason. Such signs would indicate that there are hidden water leaks somewhere. Leaks normally weaken tile adhesion and make the ordinary flooring feel soft or spongy. If you find the subfloor is damp, then, the bathroom is leaking. In such a case, getting the best plumber in Rochedale South would be a good thing to do. Check out Adept Plumbing and Gas

Stained downstairs ceiling

If the ceiling below a bathroom is stained or blotched, it then implies that the bathroom on top of your room is leaking. Such problems are common to people who live in flats. If the ceiling is saturated, it becomes hard for it to support the weight of the leaking water. Ignoring this problem for a long time may cause the building to collapse. Before things become this worse, once should look for an experienced plumber Rochedale South has to prevent the problem.

The truth is that bathroom plumbing problems are common especially to the poorly maintained homes. The best way to avoid bathroom leaks is maintaining regular plumbing checkups to avoid aggravated problems. Although one may identify plumbing leaks in the bathrooms on their own, other signs require an eye of a professional plumber Rochedale South has if you’re here in Logan. An experienced plumber can even tell where a leak is likely to come from even before it happens.

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