Five Reasons You Need to Prepare Your Lawn in Spring

If you want to have a healthy lawn in summer, it is important to prepare it earlier in the season, and spring is the best season to do it. For the best results with your lawn, you may need to invite specialists in Lawn Care in Acworth GA to offer the best advice on how you can take good care of yours.

According to experts in lawn care, winter is not a suitable season for lawn care in Acworth, GA. In winter, the conditions favor weed growth and preparation and care cannot take place in a competitive environment between weeds and grass.


Besides, soil pH is altered in winter, and the soil becomes more compact, making preparation activities difficult. Here are five reasons why you need to prepare your lawn in spring.

Leveling the ground: if you plan for your lawn care in Acworth, GA it is advisable to work together with lawn experts on how to level your ground before winter. With low spots on your lawn, the result is poor drainage while high spots create difficulty during mowing. Uneven ground does not favor growth of grass, which is why it is essential to level up raised areas and fill the low regions at the right time.

Soil compaction: spring is the best time to determine if the soil in your yard is compacted to an extent that it can interfere with growth of grass. Soil compaction is mostly a problem of high traffic areas. To test it, stick a garden fork into the yard and see if it can go down more than two inches. If it does not penetrate beyond two inches, it means the soil is compacted.

In such situation, you need to call lawn care experts for effective aeration. Companies for lawn mowing in Acworth are equipped with adequate equipment for lawn care including modern aerators, which they can use to bring your yard to a better condition that supports growth of grass.

Another problem that is common in lawns is what experts in lawn car refer to as thatch. They are a blanket of roots that appear above the ground and can impede growth of grass. The problem is common in lawns with spreading grasses such as Bermuda and other species of fast-spreading grasses. When it forms, it prevents percolation of water and movement of nutrients to the soil.

Reseeding: spring is the right time to reseed your lawn. Places without enough grass or have turned brown need to be planted earlier enough before winter. If the lawn contains frogs, engage a lawn frogs landscaping company to apply the best methods to remove the frogs and advice on the best practices for keeping such creatures at bay.

Watering and mowing: maintenance practices involve mowing and watering the lawn to promote active growth of grass. Once planted, grass needs enough watering to make it grow faster. In addition, it is essential to involve a company for mowing in Acworth to advise on the right height to start mowing as well as the best equipment to use for mowing.

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