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Bathroom renovation tips: Make your bathroom look bigger!

Having a spacious bathroom is one luxury enjoyed with custom built homes. But in this fast growing era, people live in congested city apartments. The space in the flats is maximized in a way, but it usually compromises with the bathroom space. This is what makes it really challenging to give a perfect look to this essential corner of the house. It is surprising to know that a person spends 1/10 of the time on an average in the bathroom alone. This is the reason why people consign bathroom to a functional place only. It is always recommended to enhance the interior decoration of bathroom in order to make the experience more enjoyable. Thankfully, there are some Melbourne bathroom renovations tips and tricks available that help in revamping the little bathroom to a less claustrophobic and stylish one.

melbourne bathroom renovations

·        Handling limited space – The first and the foremost thing that one should change is that very popular traditional cabinet sink mixture and should go for floating counter top clubbed with a classy vessel sink. Adding hanging racks below and above the sink can offer some extra storage space.

One can easily opt for best even if they are on a low bathroom renovations Melbourne budget. Painting the walls of the bathroom with water proof plastic paint in light hues can be effective in giving a spacious look. Pastel shades are perfect for this space of the house. Making the use of wall mural is absolutely a unique way.

It will be surely great if the door is opened in the outward direction. Inward doors might create a cramped feeling.

·        Employ material of fine quality – Well, people usually have this perception that ventures as regards Melbourne bathroom renovations are often pricey. But it’s a complete myth. The bathroom is one such area of the house that doesn’t occupy a bigger space. Therefore, the expense is not huge. Renovation is a long term investment; therefore, it’s not at all worthy to go with sub standard quality products. Making the use of fine quality materials will not just reduce the future repair cost, which might be the case when you use low quality material. It will definitely provide a feeling of luxury and prosperity.

·        Use mirror in prime spots – Mirrors are essential for a bathroom. A mirror can really create magic in giving an outstanding look to your boring bathroom. It is one of the most effective tricks that are used by the interior designers for Melbourne bathroom renovations to increase space. Large mirrors are helpful in creating an optical illusion. Placing mirrors on opposite walls creates an impression of a huge room. It serves as one of the most affordable bathroom renovations Melbourne providers employ to make the bathroom look bigger.

To sum it up: With limited bathroom spaces, the key for getting successful small bathroom renovations Melbourne professionals recommend is to create some illusion by using different wallpapers, paints and fixtures. An unorganized, messy bathroom with no good space can create a negative impression on the guests, no matter how well organized your house is.  So, it is important to use the above-mentioned renovation tricks and tips to make the bathroom look a lot roomier. Visit them online at